Personal Tag

  • Were you named after anyone?

None that I know of

  • Last time you cried. 

Lol. I can’t really remember but it was probably like last week. I watched so many mushy YouTube videos. They get me like Omg.

  •  Do you like your handwriting?

Honestly, I could do better.

  • Favourite lunch meat.

Meat is meat but I would have beef over chicken any day. Most days, though.

  •  Do you have kids?

Hopefully, one day.

  •  If you were another person, would you be friends with you?


  •  Do you use sarcasm a lot?

I do use it but not a lot.

  • Would you bungee jump?

In my head, I’ve probably done it a million times.

  • Favourite cereal.

Kelloggs Cornflakes

  • Do you think you’re strong?


  • Favourite Icecream 

I think it means favourite Icecream flavour and I would say, Chocolate definitely. Because it’s either wrong or right, no in-betweens.

  • First thing you notice about people

My materialistic side would say shoes! Because shoes say a lot about character. 😂 jk. The way they talk to people and definitely facial expressions and body language.

  • Red or pink 

Pink, duhh.

  • Least favourite thing about me.

I talk. Then, think.

  • Favourite smells.

Coffee and mint.

  • Mountain Hide Away or Beach House

Beaaaaccch house.

  • Favourite sports to watch.

Track and basketball.

  • Hair colour

Brown with red hints. They are barely there though.

  • Eye Colour


  • Do you wear contacts?


  • Favourite food.

Oily. Lol.

  • Scary movies or happy endings.

Happy Endings x 1000

Photo credit – Pinterest


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