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Today, our Lord Jesus died. It might be symbolic but it never felt more real than right now. This year, so far has been a year of connecting with God. You can’t understand. Or maybe you can.

Even in the connect, there were times when I was totally disconnected. I strived to pray, everyday. Have a relationship with him and put him first in everything I did. I tried to be kind, watch what I said and be free from sin and all the gory or perhaps prima facie, glory of it all. 

The times I would wake up and cry, praying. I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t grieving. I wasn’t mourning. I can’t explain it either.

Letting myself loose in the presence of my saviour.

Times I would really ponder on whether what I wanted was right or was it wrong?

I liked it, the idea. But it wasn’t to be. The struggle to figure out what is right and what is not.

The days I sinned and couldn’t pray.

Feeling like a hypocrite on some accounts but never once ashamed.

I am not ashamed!

The questions I asked myself.

The prayer on my lips,

That has been plaguing my thoughts for a few weeks now.

Thank you Jesus for loving me, even though I am not at all worthy.

We’ve all been there.

Its hard, it’s unsimple, it’s complicated.

Jesus says it doesn’t have to be.

He loves you.

All he wants from you is to love him back.

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Symbols culled from Hillsong United.

Uncategorized, Words I Spun

I made mistakes, so what?

Mistakes are not uncommon. They are a constant in life, accept it or not. You need to make mistakes to grow. Trust me, I know. That rhymes.

Okay. I made mistakes, so what? 

I’m someone that seldom regrets things.

Weird, right?

I like to believe that I absolutely don’t regret anything I’ve ever done or didn’t do.

There’s nothing, well, there’s only one thing I absolutely wish I didn’t do but then, I needed to fall so I would know how to fly. 

I think we need to embrace our mistakes.

You are not perfect. Get that.

You are not flawless. Get that.

Sometimes, you don’t gat this. Get that.

It’s crazy how someone could do everything right 99% of the time yet, the other 1% is just so haunting. 

I think, naturally, as Africans, we are taught to be too in control. You can be in control but it’s okay to be vulnerable.

Its okay to make mistakes.

When you make mistakes. Not if, when. Because you will make mistakes.

So when you do, don’t wallow in them.

Hold your head up high.

Learn from them.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Rise above them and,

Move on! 


Travel Crush Tuesday


I’ve pledged to go Swiss for my future honeymoon and I’m not changing a thing. Future husband,we are going to Switzerland for loving time! 

Here is why I love Switzerland so much.

It’s a quiet beauty! Switzerland doesn’t shout, literally. It’s so on its own and elegant at the same time. For someone like me, I think I hold the little things in high esteem. Switzerland represents all the things I love, especially the little things.

And also because, nature is breathtaking.

last one, I promise.

It’s hard to believe that the last picture is not a painting but it’s real. I’m in love.

Ps – Today, don’t forget that God’s love is more important that all other types of love. He loves you! Love him! With all your heart and with all your soul and your life will be as beautiful, even more peaceful than Switzerland.


E. OF C.

This is silly,

But silly is great, sometimes.

You don’t seem to know you,

But let’s be real, 

Deep down, you know you.

It’s been great,

Lighting up like a Christmas tree,

Grinning like a Cheshire grand cat,


The walks we took,

Dances we had and jokes we shared,

Inside of my head.

It’s been bloody fantastic.

Day dreams and fantasies,

Dates and surprises,


Gleeful wishes,

Far from reality.

I’m done.

With day dreams and fantasies,

Far from realities and gleeful wishes,

Unreciprocated feelings and imaginations.

I’m done.



Love Isn’t A Projectile Motion

So, I stumbled on this piece while going through old emails. I remember writing this for my friend, Chiamaka’s blog. I was probably in Ss1 or Ss2 ( 10th / 11th grade). It’s a real classic from TSW Archives. I made some edits but nothing major. It was called, ‘Five Genuine Reasons Your (Teen) Fling Isn’t Love’, I guess I was an angry little girl or maybe I had great insight.

Few days ago, I was revising physics when I stumbled upon something. It really made me counter love and teenage flings, in general. Flings in this context do not mean anything in The Oxford Dictionary. I mean casual, deep maybe, teen relationships. Teen ‘love’ is just cliché. Think about it, two teens fall in something, call it love, fall out of it, call it a break up then either pretend to be okay when its really awkward or do it the boss way – severe all ties! Lol
 I’m not even going to be cynical or feminist. I’m not a woman activist! All I want to show you is Five Genuine Reasons Why Your Teen Fling Isn’t Love. That’s all !

1. Love isn’t about Two People

The love that Bella Swan & Edward Cullen had, Rachael & Mike Ross have, Olivia & Jake will have.. Its not just about them. For Beldward, its about thousands of vampires and humans who will conjugate after them, Millions of lawsuits that Ross & Rachael will fight off, America that Olivia Pope is fixing! With the teen fling, its always about you and your’s at the detriment of other people who actually mean much to you or need you. Ever decided to celebrate you and your teen hunk’s day at an orphanage or you both simply telling or showing someone else you really love them? I thought so too.

Love isn’t Painful

I laugh when I hear people say you have to cry when you’re in love. Listen up people, love is supposed to be amazing. It shouldn’t make you feel crappy, worthless or unwanted. Love isn’t all flowers and fairytales but it’s so much deeper than crying, feeling guilty and sad. It’s ultimately twice as deep as you’re thinking right now.

3. Love Isn’t Beneath The Surface, only.

I love my theories cause they aren’t proved by anyone and its still the real deal. Have you ever seen people in love? It’s like Disney world. They’re smiling, cheerful, joyful and what-not! They’re excessively beaming and its like ‘Oh, I’m happy cause I’m in love’. 

PS – Seventeen year old me slightly disagrees with the above. It’s not always like Disney World but definitely, chocolate after a hard day. It’s the ability to come up after going through so much that’s just breath-taking. You would cry, sometimes but yours would cry with you or wipe your tears or just be there for you. 

One noticeable thing about love is it doesn’t hide itself. You would want to show your’s to the world!  While teenage flings affect ONLY deep inside of you, you react to true love on the surface too.

4.Love Is Making Sacrifices and Compromise 

Previously, it was called Love Isn’t Entirely Making Sacrifices, now I feel like love is about making all the sacrifices and compromise too. In a typical teenage affair, its common place to sacrifice one thing or the other for yours. Though, sacrifices exist in the real thing, they do not always hold ground. Sacrifice is not the only basis for love, adjustment is, compromise is. Love doesn’t entirely mean sacrifices, its more like making it work even if sacrifices won’t be made. It’s an ‘it takes two to tango’ thing

5. Love isn’t a Projectile Motion

For non-physics students, a projectile motion is that with which an object travels through air with no motive power of its own but with gravity and air resistance alone. Love isn’t that. Teen flings are just that. Think about it. Teen flings are bounded by rules, regulations, codes, laws all set up by your friends, parents, society, expectations, people around you, you and the object of your teenage desire. Its the same in every variation. Your ‘rule setters’ are just like gravity and air resistance. But love, the real deal, it has its own controls, it holds its own reins, powers its own battle ship. It doesn’t depend on any idea or thing. It differs. That’s true love, people!

It’s a lot to process, I know right. I was hardly fourteen when I wrote this. It’s funny how I now disagree with some of the things I felt so strongly about. That’s what growth does. I’ve definitely evolved since then, far more than you can imagine. It’s not my intention to belittle anyone or their relationship. It would be hypocritical to do that as I believe in love, whenever, however, teenage, or not. I’m just a seventeen year female writer putting up a three year old article. 


100 Things I’m Grateful For

The irony of this post is that when I wrote this post, I was anxious, I was worried, nervous, maybe sad even. But seeing a post on www.thenwando.com made me realize that I had more than enough to be grateful for. It inspired me to see the light at the end of the many tunnels. It will all end in praise. 

  1. God in my life
  2. Faith
  3. My mum
  4. My two sisters
  5. My dad and Gramps 
  6. My dog, Spikey
  7. My cousins
  8. My uncles and aunties
  9. Lipstick
  10. University
  11. Books, mushy books
  12. Scandal
  13.  crush 
  14. Love 
  15. James Bond
  16. My bestie
  17. AJ 
  18. My squad 
  19. International law 
  20. My blog
  21. Hans and Rene
  22. Uber 
  23. Instagram
  24. My writing
  25. Hair! especially the fro
  26. Colour black 
  27. The gift of the holy spirit
  28. Sweet things 
  29. Sweet potatoes
  30. Wattpad
  31. C Just Me’s stories
  32. Pork and Bacon 
  33. Breath
  34. Kelloggs Cornflakes 
  35. Scarries – Fried plantain, sweet potatoes, yam, akara. The akara is too oily though 
  36. Fried stew that I make in school every Sunday.
  37. Times I spent with Cookie and Coco last year
  38. Nature
  39. Flowers 
  40. John Legend 
  41. French
  42. France
  43. Pastry 
  44. Macaroons
  45. Switzerland
  46. The Word For Today 
  47. Nail polish 
  48. Faux nails 
  49. Coloured weave 
  50. A roof over my head, at all times
  51. Strength 
  52. Insight and foresight 
  53. Tower of David 
  54. Cooking 
  55. Songs 
  56. The United Nations
  57. Snapchat
  58. Hersheys
  59. Ice Tea
  60. Dettol Cool
  61. Dudu Osun
  62. Coconut Oil
  63. Yoga and exercise 
  64. My transcripts 
  65. Education 
  66. Enthusiasm 
  67. A phone 
  68. Wikipedia
  69. Skinny Girl In Transit
  70. Ndani Lifestyle
  71. Non Nigerian food! 
  72. The cold and the heat 
  73. Prayers 
  74. Glasses and sunglasses
  75. Shoes
  76. Everyone of my blog readers
  77. Contact lenses
  78. Creative Writing 
  79. Ideas
  80. Art
  81. Fashion and modelling 
  82. Expensive things
  83. Zig Ziglar and Jack Canfield
  84. ATS 2017
  85. Socks
  86. Prayer meeting 
  87. Spaghetti
  88. Glee
  89. My voice 
  90. The little things I love so much
  91. The things I can and can’t do without 
  92. That I can scream and shout 
  93. Hope
  94. Lea Michele
  95. Dwayne Johnson
  96. YouTube 
  97. Marvel Comics
  98. Tears, yes I’m grateful For tears. Sometimes, there’s such a great feeling of emotion, good or bad and the best reaction is to cry.
  99. Real, true, authentic happiness. In as much as its a foreign word these days, I’m trusting God so much that 2017 would be that year.
  100. I’m grateful for me, every aspect of me; good or bad, I’m grateful for my perks and nils, for my good times and bad times, I’m grateful for my past, present and my future. I’m grateful for times when I’m hurt and can’t think. I’m grateful for my best days. I’m grateful for All of Me.


    Culled From Word For Today – 1st, January, 2017.

    ‘With God all things are possible.’ Matthew 19:26 NIV

    Jon Gordon offers practical New Year’s resolutions:

    (1) ‘Stay positive. You can listen to the cynics and believe success is impossible, or believe “with God all things are possible.” (2) Each day when you awake complete this statement: “My purpose is ____________.” (3) Take a morning walk of gratitude. It creates a fertile mind for success. You can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time, and when you combine gratitude with physical exercise you give yourself a double-boost of positive energy and natural anti-depressants. (4) Instead of being disappointed about where you are, think optimistically about where you’re going. (5) Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a college-kid with a maxed-out charge card! (6) Believe that everything happens for a reason, and good things come from challenging experiences. (7) Don’t waste energy on gossip…past issues…negative thoughts…and things you can’t control. Invest in the positive, present moment. (8) Mentor someone and be mentored by someone. (9) Live with the three E’s: Energy. Enthusiasm. Empathy. (10) Remember there’s no substitute for hard work. (11) Zoom-Focus: Ask yourself, “What are the three most important things I need to do today?” (12) Implement the “No complaining” rule. Complaining is like vomiting; afterwards you feel better but people around you feel sick! (13) Read more books than you did last year. (14) Get more rest. You can’t replace sleep with a double latte! (15) Before bed complete these statements: “I’m thankful for ____________;” “Today I accomplished ____________” (16) Think of your mind like a garden. If you weed the negative and feed the positive for one day it doesn’t do much, but when you do it every day you create a magnificent garden.’