Z O N E – Bad Decisions 

I love John Legend so much. He’s one of the only constants in my life besides people I actually know and God. So I was talking to my friend about a crush I had one time. His argument was why didn’t I tell him, mine was why should I have? 

I’m old-fashioned, usually but I actually told someone I liked him once and it went from ten to zero in a minute. I’m actually glad I said it and got it out but we don’t talk anymore, it’s quite awkward.

I feel like you can’t and you don’t get to choose you who you like ‘like’ but you choose what you do about it. You can’t choose your circumstances most times but what happens in those circumstances is totally up to you.

What do you think, would you tell him or her? Is it a bad decision? Will you both be ‘cool’ after whatever happens?

What bad decisions did you make that cost you something? 

Send me an e-mail or comment below. Let’s get this as interactive as possible.

I asked around and I got a friend to tell me what he thinks.

Buch says,

I feel the same about bad decisions, its bound to happen, its a part of life. The most important thing is what you choose to do about it. If theres an outcome of bad decision based on your instincts, no need for regrets. Best thing is to look on the bright side and never to make the same decision. 

But most bad decisions are as a result of our lifestyle, friends and many other things. Consciously & unconsciously. 

In this case, best thing is to do away from anyone or anything that can push us to making bad decisions. 

As for me, the one that cost me a lot is ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, when it can be done today 😪. Still happens.