A Date with Reviews

A Date With Reviews – Beauty And The Beast 

I usually put A Date With Reviews only but I love Beauty And The Beast too much to do it the regular way. I saw this movie, sometime last month, in a cinema.

It was beautiful. I loved every single piece of action and the story, it made me feel as though I had never really encountered Beauty And The Beast before. Like screw you, all you poorly written animes and ill-told motion pictures I’ve watched in my life!

And it was a musical! Now, y’all know I’m a huge sucker for musicals. I got my huge Gleek award to show for it. 

Emma Watson is a beautiful actress. Okay, before you roll your eyes at me and say, duhh. I never watched Harry Potter, I read the books instead. That aside, she is a phenomenal actress. I’ve never seen her act before and when I finally did, it was like, where have you been all my life, Emma?

The songs were amazing. My favourite was and is obviously Beauty And The Beast. Did you know that it was sung by John Legend and Ariana Grande? I literally screamed when I found out. Now y’all know John Legend is like chocolate cake to me. Second favourite was ‘Be Our Guest’. 

The acting, in general was very phenomenal. The chemistry among the actors was everything and you know what I say about chemistry. It’s very important. The Beast guy was very impressive, just the right amount of angst, romance, fairytale and to be honest, he looked way better than I imagined the Beast would look. Did you know that he had to dance on stilts? That’s crazy and very professional. The characters were truly phenomenal.

The number of times I covered my eyes or got scared though. Quite a lot but if you’ve seen my reviews of Central Intelligence, Suicide Squad, When The Bough Breaks etc, you would know I take all the awards home for ‘always scared during a movie, even if it’s not that scary’.

The set was incredible. I would give anything to just explore the set and the location. It looked breathtaking during the movie and I’m sure, it’s even more in person. The costumes were a solid A, even though, I’m not sure if I essentially liked Belle’s yellow dress but that’s aside.

Before I digress and spill all the juice in this. You need to watch Beauty And The Beast before it leaves the cinemas. No, it’s not babyish, childish, too mush or whatever. It’s essentially perfect. 

And as a bonus that I know you will enjoy! Watch the song’s video – Beauty And The Beast Song by John Legend and Ariana Grande on DisneyVEVO’s YouTube. 

You’ll feel all types of good giddy, it’s a guarantee!

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The Stories I Wrote, Words I Spun

Oh Happy Day 

A fan-fiction flash fiction by Titilope Adedokun, The Semi Writer.

Rita, propped on her bed, was using Instagram, nothing unusual. From few doors away, she could hear her mother, Funke telling her father, Glen how ‘this social media nonsense’ was ‘eating their only child alive’. She sighed. Everyone thinks being an only child is fun. As if! 

She clicked on her notifications button. Almost thirty new follow requests. The upside yet downside of having a private account. You just have to verify everything! With only a thousand, seven hundred followers, and following just six hundred and something, she was hardly an Instagram queen but low-key, she knew she slayed and slayed like Goliath, with features popping up every now and then, from slay pages, beauty appreciation accounts to the biracial appreciation pages. Being interracial had really done her well. Her grey eyes, contrasting full lips, red freckles, cheek bones and light caramel skin tone made her look very ‘exotic’ according to many comments.

A few photographers had even sent her direct messages, wanting to ‘work’ with her or ‘shoot’ her. As if! None of them looked worth her damn time.

As she scrolled down, she saw her crush and liked his picture. Oh damn, he got a tattoo! That’s so hot.

Brooklyn Beckham was always on her damn mind. Hell, she stalked him everytime, followed his father, his bestfriends; The Ramsays and even his dog’s account. But a verified account with followers running into millions, there was no way she could compete with that, no matter how ‘exotic’ she looked. She smiled sadly and scrolled away. But not before commenting, You are so adorable!


Her phone blinked, notifying that she had another new follower. @brooklynbeckham just followed you. She checked her Following‘s notifications to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. 

@brooklynbeckham just followed @ritasayshi 

She screamed! 

Her mum and dad came into her room. Funke asked her, visibly agitated. ‘Rita, what’s going on? Why did you scream like that?’. ‘Brooklyn Beckham followed me back on Instagram’. 


She summoned courage and texted him, just testing the waters. 

Hey. Thanks for following back. So cool.

One second, two seconds, five seconds, thirty seconds.

Hey. No problem. 

She screamed again but muffled it with her teddy bear. She thought, should I reply again? I don’t want to seem desperate. She chanted to herself. ‘I am not desperate. I am cool, calm and collected. Brooklyn Beckham just followed me back and replied my text, its not a big deal’.

After a while of crazy self deliberation, she decides to text him back. ‘If he thinks I am a crazy desperado, then, so be it! I don’t care… Well I do care’ 

So umm. I’m a huge fan of your photography. It’s really great. 

He replied almost immediately.

Thanks. I went through your page. You’re gorgeous. Are you in England though? I would love to put my lens on you.

She screamed again, muffled with the teddy bear and daydreaming of their wedding day. Do you Rita Phillips take Brooklyn Beckham to be your lawfully wedded husband…? I do! 

Yes. I am. I’m part African but I live in London. That would be amazing.

Oh God. She was rambling again. Who told her to say anything about Africa?

Okay, great. Let’s work something out. What days are you free this week? And Africa? What part are you from? I did some charity work in Kenya last year. Fantastic place.

In her head, she replied. I know baby, I know. And free all the days of my life! 

I’m from Nigeria. Lagos, exactly. Really beautiful place. Friday and Saturday, both are free days for me. E-mail is ritaamokephillips@hotmail.com

He replied her.

Okay, that’s perfect. I would send you an e-mail to confirm the location but honestly, it’s nothing so serious. We could do random shots and then, we could do a few Polaroids.

As she replied him, her phone rang.

🎵🎶 It was just a dream, just a moment ago…

Uggh. Don’t do this to me!

She feels a tap on her shoulder. 

‘Wake up, Rita, it’s time to go to school!’

She rubbed her eyes and tapped the ‘Join Instagram’ button.

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I made mistakes, so what?

Mistakes are not uncommon. They are a constant in life, accept it or not. You need to make mistakes to grow. Trust me, I know. That rhymes.

Okay. I made mistakes, so what? 

I’m someone that seldom regrets things.

Weird, right?

I like to believe that I absolutely don’t regret anything I’ve ever done or didn’t do.

There’s nothing, well, there’s only one thing I absolutely wish I didn’t do but then, I needed to fall so I would know how to fly. 

I think we need to embrace our mistakes.

You are not perfect. Get that.

You are not flawless. Get that.

Sometimes, you don’t gat this. Get that.

It’s crazy how someone could do everything right 99% of the time yet, the other 1% is just so haunting. 

I think, naturally, as Africans, we are taught to be too in control. You can be in control but it’s okay to be vulnerable.

Its okay to make mistakes.

When you make mistakes. Not if, when. Because you will make mistakes.

So when you do, don’t wallow in them.

Hold your head up high.

Learn from them.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Rise above them and,

Move on! 

A Date with Reviews

A Date With Reviews 

Why Him? 
James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Duetch


2016 Movie 

After I got the tickets for this movie, as I was sitting and watching movie trailers at the cinema reception, I changed my mind. I wanted to see Passengers instead but I held on. After the movie, I am so glad I saw this one!

May I just say, firstly that James Franco may be crazy but he’s crazy cute! I loved the cast and characters, My favourite was Scotty all the way! There was visible, working chemistry among them all. There were no parts where they fell out of touch or out of sync and that’s rare. It’s a good thing.

From the beginning till the end, it was the bomb dot com! 

May I continue by saying however, that the story itself was a cliché, boy is crazy rich, says a lot of obscene things, every father’s nightmare but girl is clearly smitten, father doesn’t feel so. Later, boy makes everyone except father love him. Father takes a while to love him but he eventually does.

The height of cliché was when they, Laird and her father decided to have some sort of deal. Ha ha. Even with all of that, obviously there was something about it that made it so different. I thought it would be a lame movie at first but it turned out well. The picture was great, being that it was a cinema movie, I guess it had to be great.

Would I see it again?

I doubt it.

Once is more than enough.

I’m rating it 5/10.

Go watch the movie and answer this question.

Could you be with Laird? Or would you let your kid be with Laird?

TSW Life Style

Life Update

Hi TSW readers.

Ikr. I never do life updates but I think I owe it to you guys. Hopefully, I don’t have any typos though because I have long ass nails and my laptop apparently doesn’t have auto correct. Weird, right? I haven’t been posting on a regular, I apologise. School is taking like 80% of my time and I still haven’t even gotten any work done tbh. But its no excuse, sorrrry.

I recently started a new project. It is called The Idea Artillery. It is still in the works tbh and I’m so busy these days. However, I have actually had my first gig and it was fun. I did my first thing for a post-AMVCA show called Style Pundits. We had like a live video thing where we talked about fashion choices for the awards. Mind you, TIA isn’t really about fashion but it was fun. After my exams is when you would really see the manifestation.

I’m thinking of renaming ZONE to Coffee Pot. Of late, I am in love with coffee. Its everything and more. I miss going to Cafe Neo tbh, the aroma of coffee is so pleasing despite the coffee burning my tongue. And you know, coffee for book buffs is like alcohol for party pops. I think for Coffee Pot, the focus would really shift, from just you guys to us both. I pray that God gives me strength to deal with it accordingly.

We are two episodes and a half from the end of Naija Detectives Season One. OMG! If you really didn’t know, Naija Detectives was my first attempt at thriller, crime and even a Nigerian series generally. Unfortunately, once I am done with it, I might have to take it down – still deciding. I want to put it in an e-book and gift it out to each and everyone of you! But, still deciding.

I am thinking of discontinuing The Semi Writer’s instagram account. I can’t keep up, I hardly post anything there these days but I might just leave it, for official keeps.

Typing on  a laptop is the hardest thing in the world when your nails are disagreeable.

I love you guys!

Thanks for sticking with little lazy ‘ol me.

I’ll do better.

TSW Life Style

Loving my body! with Sunkissed Africa 

I love my body. 

But, I’ve never really sat down to think of whether or not what I put on it really does anything for me. I didn’t care so much about skincare until recently. 

Now, I’m all about loving my body and skin, keeping it great and pampered even if my allergies won’t let me be great. Thanks to Sunkissed Africa, this sensitive-skinned girl can glow! 

I use five Sunkissed Africa products in my daily life. The Coconut oil, African black soap shampoo, Mint sugar scrub, African black soap body wash and Shea body souffle. 

I love that the coconut oil comes in a little cute spray bottle and its so easy to apply to my body and my hair. It’s 100% pure coconut oil and the effects are tremendous. They help me with my allergies, make my skin glow and keep my natural hair forever popping!

The mint sugar scrub is actually my favourite product from Sunkissed Africa right now. Generally, her scrubs are magic but mint is like my abracadabra. I love that it leaves my skin super minty and refreshed. The smell is divine. Its great for exfoliation, cleansing and routine use.

My hair is soft on a regular but with the african black soap shampoo, it’s even softer and healthier. 

The shea body souffle is great, also. Shea smells horrific on a normal day but hers smell so good! I love the sheer softness and texture of the souffle. It’s easy to apply and effects are one hunnit! It’s glow in one word!

Finally, the african black soap body wash. I was so sad when I ran out of this and I can’t wait to stock up. It’s so good. Majorly, I use this to maintain my skin tone, colour and pigment and yes, its doing a fantastic job. Trust me. 

Sunkissed Africa products are hundred percent handmade, natural and organic. For me, i think that’s the most appealing factor. I have such a sensitive skin so I have to be so careful with what I use. I’ve had no problems with the products so far. The results are tremendous and my skin looks way better than it did before. I can’t wait to try out other products.

You should too. 

Love your body and your skin. Start with Sunkissed Africa skin-care products. They can fit into any regimen you already have and are really good. Super affordable and definitely worth it.

Instagram : @sunkissedafrica_

Calls – 09051248403

Whatsapp – 08160967607


Travel Crush Tuesday


I’ve pledged to go Swiss for my future honeymoon and I’m not changing a thing. Future husband,we are going to Switzerland for loving time! 

Here is why I love Switzerland so much.

It’s a quiet beauty! Switzerland doesn’t shout, literally. It’s so on its own and elegant at the same time. For someone like me, I think I hold the little things in high esteem. Switzerland represents all the things I love, especially the little things.

And also because, nature is breathtaking.

last one, I promise.

It’s hard to believe that the last picture is not a painting but it’s real. I’m in love.

Ps – Today, don’t forget that God’s love is more important that all other types of love. He loves you! Love him! With all your heart and with all your soul and your life will be as beautiful, even more peaceful than Switzerland.