Food Review – Paris Bakery Ibadan 

Paris Bakery, Ring Road, Ibadan

Guys, unfortunately I have no pictures. I lost all of them.

The first time I heard of Paris Bakery was when my friend, KO posted a really attractive photo of ice cream and I just had to know where it was from. Alas! It was in my dear Ibadan, land of my roots. I couldn’t visit immediately because of obvious distance constraints. But, immediately I got to Ibadan, I visited.

Sigh. I had checked out the space on Instagram before ‘we’ visited. Did it live up to its expectations? Honestly, I was expecting the Mona Lisa and got the Campbell Soup Can instead. Both are stellar, art-wise but I’ve never heard of an attempted theft of The Campbell Soup Can, no offence to all lovers of Andy Warhol; I am a lover, not a hater. Some parts of the space looked pretty run down already, despite the fact that it was a new business. I am not understanding. I remember that the Ice cream Machine for cones had a pool of ants on its surface. I definitely knew I wasn’t getting any cone ice cream from them, ever.

Ps – My sister complained about it to the staff when we entered. We left about 45 minutes later, nothing changed.

So, we went on to order our reason for coming, the ice cream! I noted that they had limited great flavors unexpectedly but as I said earlier, I was thinking Mona Lisa. They didn’t have my staple, mint. Mint ice cream is life, people of God. If you haven’t had mint ice cream, well, I have no words for you. So, I got White Chocolate and Red Velvet instead.

My white chocolate was fantastic, it made me very happy. Taste-wise, I think it was really great. I’ve been hooked to White Chocolate since then. The red velvet was a mistake. I might have sworn off red velvet forever, except if its Hans & Rene of course because I’m scarred. Generally, the texture of the ice cream was quite grainy and had this unpleasant after-taste. It made me feel as though the ice cream machine needed to be washed. Maybe psychology was playing tricks on me, maybe not.

My sister got cheese cake with a strawberry glace, I didn’t but I tasted it. I can’t remember what it tasted like. Hence, I’ll say it tasted pretty forgettable.

We decided to have burgers as well and chicken wings. I had been craving burgers for a while and theirs looked good enough. The burger was great, juicy and the patty, definitely not tough, enough dressing – Hallelujah! It was a great burger, not the best but it attempted to be and got a B+

The chicken wings, can’t remember so I’ll say it was forgettable. That same day, I had wings from KFC and I can remember all of it. That’s a ‘fast food’ restaurant.

The service was alright for a fast food place/ supermarket. Yes, fast food. I think Paris Bakery attempts to be gourmet but hasn’t quite nailed it yet. The burgers and wings took so much time and it was really unnecessary.

Oh, and I caught the manager smoking as I went to get my burgers. The burgers and wings were made at the exterior side of the space, like a detached cubicle. My meh point is don’t smoke, your lungs will thank you. However, my better point is if you will smoke, do it where customers or potential customers won’t see you, for goodness sake! That’s bad for any restaurant. You can smoke in the back, in the staff toilet, anywhere but not ‘ita gban gban’.

High points, it is very affordable for a really large portion. I think we had three scoops for #900. Before you say that the service was proportionate to the price, stop it. Is air for breathing not free and the same quality everywhere? (at least 80%)

Another high point, they actually have a supermarket inside the restaurant. I think I like that, others might not but it’s genius for marketing.

Would I visit again? Yes but will I expend my own hard earned cash (or handouts from the ‘rents)? I do not think so, mate. But I am interested in visiting again. One, to see if they finally cleaned up their act, pun intended and to give the ice cream another chance.

I visited Paris Bakery early in the year and wrote this since then. So, things might have changed. I actually hope they have. I’ll visit again and do an update soon.


Slay On A Budget – Hair

So, I’m back again! If you’re new, welcome to the blog. Slay On A Budget is that important lifestyle part of the blog that shows you how to achieve more for less, way less! And it’s usually something I’ve done so, it’s practical.

My Goddess Faux Locs

I’ve wanted locs since I could remember. Probably since I discovered Chloe x Halle but every time I asked someone about it, the process was expensive and long! But I really wanted it. I mean, and even more since the Pantene commercial. If you’re anything close to me, you would know I’ve been living off Chloe x Halle’s hairspiration vibes, majorly.

Well, I finally got to take the step! I had been wearing a wig for a month and I was done, like so done. So, I asked my sister to get me crochet faux locs and sent her like five pictures. Sister dearest came back home with Bomba Locs and not Goddess Locs which is the Chloe x Halle signature. I was not happy.

She got one pack for #1,500 and I used 3 packs because my hair isn’t the fullest. It’s not like I don’t like Bomba Locs. okay, I don’t – simple. It’s not my style, it was so regular and I like to think that I’m nothing near regular.

So, how did I take it from zero to hero? Keep reading!

You know how everyone says Google is your friend? They are really saying the truth. I wasn’t sure it existed but I started to google How To Turn Bomba Locs to Goddess Locs and oh my, I got so much info! Good info! Also, I wanted individually installed crochets aka the one without all-back, Google helped in that department as well.

So, what we did. We plaited each pack of Locs into two big braids and wrapped thread around it. After that, we dipped it in hot water and voila! It loc-ed so goddess! At installation, my sister put my hair into tiny braids and used the crochet needle to install it into each braid, tucking the rest of the braid in. It took perhaps an hour and it was a bit painful, at some point but I think that’s me though.

All in all, it was a straight forward process and I’m loving my Locs! I haven’t really seen any downsides yet, no frails, no nothing. I hope I don’t. If I do, I’ll make sure to update this.

All I spent on this hairdo – #4500

Food Review – Nok By Alara

I don’t usually do food reviews but my favourite food blog has been slacking lately and I thought of the many beautiful food pictures I (or my sister) have taken that may never see the light, except for maybe Snapchat. Besides, I’ve really not got much to do, except read for my test, exams, assignment, make breakfast/ lunch and read updates of my novel. Not much to do at all.
A few weeks aka months ago, I, actually ‘we’ visited Nok by Alara for my birthday. I didn’t go on my birthday though but it had been in my head to visit for a while, so it was just it. Nok by Alara is a really beautiful restaurant. I think I can call it afrocentric. The hosts are dressed in Ankara olekus and there’s an earthly Nigerian vibe to everything. We were going to stay outdoors but changed our minds later. The space, inside is absolutely sophisticated. 

I especially found the chandeliers and the photo-covered walls to be everything and more.
I had checked the menu online before we went and read a lot of reviews so I low-key had a few must-haves. I unfortunately might not be able to recall some names but I’ll try my best. In a way, we had starter, main course and dessert but not purposely lol. We looked through the menu and picked different items that appealed to our taste (and pocket). Some, we shared. Others, we bought plates of each.

The portions at Nok aren’t so bad. I actually thought the food was going to be really small, thanks to a certain review but they weren’t! They were alright. I’ll just run though a few things I had.
The Duck whatever. It’s some type of French name, I’m sorry. Those were absolutely fantastic. The Calamari Suya, it is not my cup of tea, I think. It wasn’t really wow but definitely not meh either and perhaps the fact that Calamari means squid has something to do with it. The vegetables side to the calamari, I think ended up going into my Jasmine Rice. 

The dip, a sort of bean paste dip was really great but then, that might have to do with my love for Gbegiri. Jasmine Rice and sauce. I didn’t really love it but I didn’t hate it either. The sauce was probably forgettable, I can’t remember. I should have settled for jollof, like the much sensible others but no. The chicken wings were chicken wings, better than basic though. The Naan was maan! I loved it so much. It’s a type of Indian bread. At Nok, it came with a dip. Finally, the Baobab Ice cream and cake, I think. It was quite tiring, maybe overwhelming as well lol. Probably because I already had a lot to eat. My own birthday treat but after a few spoonfuls, I was done.

I think I would go to Nok by Alara again, definitely. It is affordable, chic and the food, generally is fantastic. Sure, it is not the best I’ve been but the space makes up for any inadequacies, not that there was really any. I’m not rating, nah fam. But yes, I would certainly advice you to go to Nok. Go with someone fun, most of the food are Nigerian delicacies with some unbelievable twists. 

Yes, you can take her or him there on a first date. The portions are alright, satisfying actually. I went home really full. But that could be because I had like six different items. But yes, go, flourish and have fun! And biko, go during the day so that you’ll have worthwhile pictures. If you don’t mind a full, busy and albeit noisy restaurant, you can visit in the evening and during weekends. However, if you aren’t about that life, it is advisable to visit earlier.

Two words (actually three or four 😕) – sushi and foodie buddy.




Story Time – My First Korean Drama

I guess the Korean movie craze started within my age group or generally, about three years ago. But, I never caught up with it. My best friend loves them, she used to tell me about Boys Over Flowers but I never watched it.

Fast-forward to 2016! I watched my first Korean series called The Heirs or The Inheritors. Between my splitting headache and eye issues, it was an okay watch. I enjoyed it, not because it was a great movie or it has a great story but I loved it because the actors are something else and Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang or something are goaaalsssss.

Yes, that boy from Boys Over Flowers, he played Kim Tan, he is quite worth the hype and his face is pretty. I think the most pleasing to the eyes was definitely Sunbae and Secretary Yoon’s son, they’re splitting the award. For girls, Rachael was cute but Cha Eun Sang was perfect. I thought Kim Tan’s real mum and Cha Eun Sang’s mum were beautiful.

You don’t understand, right? Me too 😂

Even though, I watched three long seasons in three difficult days, It was nice. I wouldn’t watch it again though. Each episode is so long. That was pain! And some parts were just unnecessary and annoying, cue Young Do. He’s not a fine boy, like no meen. And his character was horrible, no sugar coating, horrible. They should have at least made him cute to balance it but no, ugly gets ugly. To be honest, I think he’s cute in real life and that’s the look they were going for.

ps – I found out, he is really cute in real life after all.

Would I see another Korean movie?

I sincerely doubt it.

A Date With Reviews – Queen of Katwe

I initially thought Queen of Katwe was an anime. Silly me, right? Later, I got my sister to tell me a bit about it which from what she described was pretty nice but definitely not all that.

Side eye to La la Land. I certainly felt and still feel that was one overrated movie. No offence to Emma Stone and Ryan Gostling. But that’s a story for another day. 

Queen of Katwe follows the story of a young Ugandan girl who rises from the slums to a much better place with Chess as her armour. But success doesn’t come cheap. Or does it?

Queen of Katwe is underrated. 
So underrated that I think maybe it’s a racism thing. Jk. 

But really, its such a fantastic movie. Did you know it was based on a true life story? That’s remarkable. 

One thing that watching Queen Of Katwe taught me was definitely whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Maybe it’s chess, maybe it’s blogging, maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s even school. Put everything into something you love and the results would be mindblowing in the long run.

The acting was very spectacular. I might just have a new favourite actor. Shout out to David Oyelowo. You are a phenomenal actor. Lupita Nyong’o did well. A passive well but well nonetheless. Now, our main character, Madina Nalwagana who played Phiona. She’s a star. Very very great acting. Though she was a bit emotionless at times, when you expected her to be realistically filled with emotions. Perhaps that’s just the character.

My favourite character was hands-down Benjamin’s character. He was played beautifully and I want a friend like Benjamin. Omg! He’s just right, basically.

The story is really the most inspirational I’ve seen this year. I mean, it beat Hidden Figures in my hierarchy of such movies! 
I’m gobsmacked at how a story could literally be flawlessly executed. 

I’m so mad at how underrated it is. It’s so much better than 50% of Academy award nominated movies. It’s got great reviews though. Putting in 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s that good. But yet, it made only 10m on a 15m budget at the box office. Ahhh. I cringe. This movie should win all the awards at all the award ceremonies. It really should. 
You should see Queen of Katwe. It’s that great. 
I’m rating it a solid A+ 

Ps – I might review Southside With You featuring Tika Sumpter. I’m most likely not going to. I think my love for the former first family clouded my judgement.

I made mistakes, so what?

Mistakes are not uncommon. They are a constant in life, accept it or not. You need to make mistakes to grow. Trust me, I know. That rhymes.

Okay. I made mistakes, so what? 

I’m someone that seldom regrets things.

Weird, right?

I like to believe that I absolutely don’t regret anything I’ve ever done or didn’t do.

There’s nothing, well, there’s only one thing I absolutely wish I didn’t do but then, I needed to fall so I would know how to fly. 

I think we need to embrace our mistakes.

You are not perfect. Get that.

You are not flawless. Get that.

Sometimes, you don’t gat this. Get that.

It’s crazy how someone could do everything right 99% of the time yet, the other 1% is just so haunting. 

I think, naturally, as Africans, we are taught to be too in control. You can be in control but it’s okay to be vulnerable.

Its okay to make mistakes.

When you make mistakes. Not if, when. Because you will make mistakes.

So when you do, don’t wallow in them.

Hold your head up high.

Learn from them.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Rise above them and,

Move on! 

A Date With Reviews 

Why Him? 
James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Duetch


2016 Movie 

After I got the tickets for this movie, as I was sitting and watching movie trailers at the cinema reception, I changed my mind. I wanted to see Passengers instead but I held on. After the movie, I am so glad I saw this one!

May I just say, firstly that James Franco may be crazy but he’s crazy cute! I loved the cast and characters, My favourite was Scotty all the way! There was visible, working chemistry among them all. There were no parts where they fell out of touch or out of sync and that’s rare. It’s a good thing.

From the beginning till the end, it was the bomb dot com! 

May I continue by saying however, that the story itself was a cliché, boy is crazy rich, says a lot of obscene things, every father’s nightmare but girl is clearly smitten, father doesn’t feel so. Later, boy makes everyone except father love him. Father takes a while to love him but he eventually does.

The height of cliché was when they, Laird and her father decided to have some sort of deal. Ha ha. Even with all of that, obviously there was something about it that made it so different. I thought it would be a lame movie at first but it turned out well. The picture was great, being that it was a cinema movie, I guess it had to be great.

Would I see it again?

I doubt it.

Once is more than enough.

I’m rating it 5/10.

Go watch the movie and answer this question.

Could you be with Laird? Or would you let your kid be with Laird?