Words I Spun


I always wanted, desperately to be an early bloomer. 
I wanted to walk into a room and have all the eyes on me. 

I wanted to be that girl, with the good this and great that. 

Even better, I wanted to be the first red rose

or the whole damn bouquet.

These days, I’m very inconspicuous. More like unnoticeable.

I don’t move anyone when I walk into a room. 

No eyes on me. 

I’m that girl with the good this and great that though many may not know. 

And it’s okay.

I’m a flower.

And one day, I’m gonna bloom.

In fact, I am blooming.

However slow or fast it might be.

This is just the beginning.


I’m going to be the whole damn rose garden.

Photo credit – @nectarandstone on Instagram.