Story Time – My First Korean Drama

I guess the Korean movie craze started within my age group or generally, about three years ago. But, I never caught up with it. My best friend loves them, she used to tell me about Boys Over Flowers but I never watched it.

Fast-forward to 2016! I watched my first Korean series called The Heirs or The Inheritors. Between my splitting headache and eye issues, it was an okay watch. I enjoyed it, not because it was a great movie or it has a great story but I loved it because the actors are something else and Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang or something are goaaalsssss.

Yes, that boy from Boys Over Flowers, he played Kim Tan, he is quite worth the hype and his face is pretty. I think the most pleasing to the eyes was definitely Sunbae and Secretary Yoon’s son, they’re splitting the award. For girls, Rachael was cute but Cha Eun Sang was perfect. I thought Kim Tan’s real mum and Cha Eun Sang’s mum were beautiful.

You don’t understand, right? Me too 😂

Even though, I watched three long seasons in three difficult days, It was nice. I wouldn’t watch it again though. Each episode is so long. That was pain! And some parts were just unnecessary and annoying, cue Young Do. He’s not a fine boy, like no meen. And his character was horrible, no sugar coating, horrible. They should have at least made him cute to balance it but no, ugly gets ugly. To be honest, I think he’s cute in real life and that’s the look they were going for.

ps – I found out, he is really cute in real life after all.

Would I see another Korean movie?

I sincerely doubt it.


My Taylor Swift Theories

Notice that I wrote this before Kimye vs Swift. It was about damn time any way.

You know those girls who would scream so loud and act all crazy when they went to a Taylor Swift concert? I would have been one of them. Unfortunately, I never went to one of them ever but my love for her was as strong. If fangirlism was a word, I would have been it.

Disclaimer – This is definitely my opinion, it does not mean it is right. This is what I feel. You don’t have to agree x 

Fast forward to few years later, I only have one Taylor Swift song on my Google Music app and its a remnant of the old Taylor Swift. 

I loved her so much but over the years, I grew tired of her music basically as well as her antics. At first, it was okay. Everyone falls in love. I, myself have ‘fallen in love’, however real or unreal it might have been. I felt like she was this sweet girl who was just finding herself and finding love so it was okay with the multiple times. It was just bad luck,I thought. 

Oh, fought for her did I! 

Every single time someone dissed her, I had a comeback ready. See, I loved Harry Styles, the Jonas brother haha and even Jake Gyllenhaal like every other girl in the world but I still felt like it was all on them, not my TS.

Now, I’m definitely not about that life anymore though. Let’s talk about the love triangle – Swifty + Harris + Hiddleston. Love triangle, I say because it’s definitely not a clear picture. She has her rights to fall in love with anyone she likes, at anytime she wants, however how she does it? I’m not so sure. You don’t break up with one guy one day and start jumping another guy on another day. No, I don’t know the full story. Tbh, none of us knows but she’s a celebrity that thousands of little girls look up to, if not millions. She’s a role model, how reckless can she be?

I won’t be surprised if she cheated on Calvin Harris with Tom Hiddleston. It looks like they’ve been dating a loooong time ago or at least had something. Nor will I be surprised if it’s all a publicity stunt. There’s already quite some stated proof that the first photos of herself and Tom were staged. Welcome to post-innocence stage Taylor Swift.

Notice how she dated all those guys during the peak of their careers? Harry was topping charts with One Direction when they dated. Taylor Lautner was Jake in Twilight and was every girl’s fantasy. Including me!!! Joe Jonas was newly hot and had a budding Hollywood career. Calvin Harris was scoring hits on charts with Riri and co, he was maybe the best DJ in the world. I heard Tom Hiddleston is the next 007. That’s James Bond, people. See the trend?

Did you know that she dated even to the throngs of American presidency? Yes, she dated an American president’s grandson. She kind of reminds me of the antagonist in some sort of old school films or Spanish dramas. She usually seems very sweet, simple and by default, we all like her but she turns out to be something entirely different – manipulative, pretensive and very clever.

Ole, ole! 

Frankly, I think the whole Taylor’s squad thing is just to ensure we never forget her and trust me, it’s hard to forget her when she’s in everybody’s Squad Goals, from Karlie Kloss to Uzo Aduba. It’s cool to have so many friends but let’s be real, who is really that chill? 

Don’t make this about feminism, victimisation and all that. Please, she’s the richest musician in the world, one of the richest and most successful artistes in the world. She’s so not! If this was five years ago, that would be cool but look around you, Swifty. You is all grown up. And no, this is not a case of a black woman hating on a white woman, inequality yada yada. This is me, a fellow female calling out my counterpart for doing wrong. It’s great for women to support other women but we need to speak up when they are wrong too!

I don’t know this Taylor Swift anymore. Swifty has grown up, that’s okay everyone does. She’s grown into a helluva fine woman, sexy and all. But…

No, we are never ever ever ever getting back together.

Her music might not be what I like anymore but it’s obviously doing more than great. She’s also grown cunning and calculated. I don’t know what Hollywood’s star formula is but this??? It’s another level entirely.

What do you think? 

What’s your take on this?

Is Taylor just a normal star going through normal issues?

Or do you think she’s just very good at pretending?

A Date with Reviews

Skinny Girl in Transit
Season 1
Ndani TV
2015 Sitcom
Abimbola Craig, Sharon Ooja, Ngozi Nwosu, Kenneth Okoli….


The series, with its weekly twenty minutes episodes depict a life of a fat girl, Tiwa on her way to becoming the perfect thinner version of herself, because men will like her more and yes, mother says so.
But what is life without drama ?
Her petty and very pretty rude sister, her overbearing but endearing mother, the perfect boyfriend, the crazy still-in-love-with-her ex, her bestfriend whose primary goal in life is setting her up on epic date fails are seen through out her journey. Sometimes making life easier for her, other times not.

Highlights – Abimbola Craig, phenomenal actress. I love her story, it’s amazing. The humor is never ending. While it’s not as explosive as Jenifa’s Diary, it is just as good. You will laugh till your sides hurt. You will learn something. I love learning, don’t you? It’s a story about a normal girl’s normal life, complete with crushes, mum begging to bring a boy home, weight issues, epic date fails, relationship crisis, new flames and old flames, loving yourself and lots more. It’s something you can relate to, how can you not love SGIT?
The picture quality is amazing.
I don’t know how they did it but no grainy textures, clear videography all the way. That’s impressive considering the fact that its an online production.
Skinny Girl in Transit is not your regular Nigerian sitcom. The fact that you can watch it online already removes regular from it. I loved that it expresses thinking out of the box without being fake. It captures Lagos living quite well, if you ask me.
The episodes are well scripted, love the stories. They are well-planned and well written and they are interesting. I love that I, as a viewer can relate with almost all of it. The talks she usually has with the viewers where every other person in the movie doesn’t seem to notice, epic success! Its like she’s our home-girl because we share inside jokes and knowledge of certain things.
I cannot even begin to express my love for that.
It’s really great that Nigerian producers, actors etc are evolving. The evolution is highlighted in this series.
So if you love laughing hard, you should definitely watch Skinny Girl in Transit. If you love drama, you should watch SGIT, if you love a good story, more like good stories. Skinny Girl in Transit is your gold.

Lowlights – The fact that I have to wait for seven days before I see another episode. Agggh. That’s the worst form of torture. It’s even worse when you start season two because it gets more intense. I am not a very patient person.
Okay, this one relates more to season two but it’s actually a carry over from season one. The fact that its called Skinny Girl in Transit yet it seems like its drifting away from the title. I love love love the title, very catchy and hippie but it seems like its not about that anymore. I personally think her weight loss/weight problems should be more highlighted in the series. At first, it was okay. Her jogging, diets were documented but at a point, I got nothing. Like nothing about weight loss at all, nada. Where’s the Skinny Girl in Transit? It’s like it got roped into too much that the main thing is being forgotten. A story shouldnt lose itself inside all that drama. It gets better in season two though.
Regardless, it’s a phenomenal series you should definitely catch up on.