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Story Time – My First Korean Drama

I guess the Korean movie craze started within my age group or generally, about three years ago. But, I never caught up with it. My best friend loves them, she used to tell me about Boys Over Flowers but I never watched it.

Fast-forward to 2016! I watched my first Korean series called The Heirs or The Inheritors. Between my splitting headache and eye issues, it was an okay watch. I enjoyed it, not because it was a great movie or it has a great story but I loved it because the actors are something else and Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang or something are goaaalsssss.

Yes, that boy from Boys Over Flowers, he played Kim Tan, he is quite worth the hype and his face is pretty. I think the most pleasing to the eyes was definitely Sunbae and Secretary Yoon’s son, they’re splitting the award. For girls, Rachael was cute but Cha Eun Sang was perfect. I thought Kim Tan’s real mum and Cha Eun Sang’s mum were beautiful.

You don’t understand, right? Me too 😂

Even though, I watched three long seasons in three difficult days, It was nice. I wouldn’t watch it again though. Each episode is so long. That was pain! And some parts were just unnecessary and annoying, cue Young Do. He’s not a fine boy, like no meen. And his character was horrible, no sugar coating, horrible. They should have at least made him cute to balance it but no, ugly gets ugly. To be honest, I think he’s cute in real life and that’s the look they were going for.

ps – I found out, he is really cute in real life after all.

Would I see another Korean movie?

I sincerely doubt it.

TSW Life Style

Life Update

Hi TSW readers.

Ikr. I never do life updates but I think I owe it to you guys. Hopefully, I don’t have any typos though because I have long ass nails and my laptop apparently doesn’t have auto correct. Weird, right? I haven’t been posting on a regular, I apologise. School is taking like 80% of my time and I still haven’t even gotten any work done tbh. But its no excuse, sorrrry.

I recently started a new project. It is called The Idea Artillery. It is still in the works tbh and I’m so busy these days. However, I have actually had my first gig and it was fun. I did my first thing for a post-AMVCA show called Style Pundits. We had like a live video thing where we talked about fashion choices for the awards. Mind you, TIA isn’t really about fashion but it was fun. After my exams is when you would really see the manifestation.

I’m thinking of renaming ZONE to Coffee Pot. Of late, I am in love with coffee. Its everything and more. I miss going to Cafe Neo tbh, the aroma of coffee is so pleasing despite the coffee burning my tongue. And you know, coffee for book buffs is like alcohol for party pops. I think for Coffee Pot, the focus would really shift, from just you guys to us both. I pray that God gives me strength to deal with it accordingly.

We are two episodes and a half from the end of Naija Detectives Season One. OMG! If you really didn’t know, Naija Detectives was my first attempt at thriller, crime and even a Nigerian series generally. Unfortunately, once I am done with it, I might have to take it down – still deciding. I want to put it in an e-book and gift it out to each and everyone of you! But, still deciding.

I am thinking of discontinuing The Semi Writer’s instagram account. I can’t keep up, I hardly post anything there these days but I might just leave it, for official keeps.

Typing on  a laptop is the hardest thing in the world when your nails are disagreeable.

I love you guys!

Thanks for sticking with little lazy ‘ol me.

I’ll do better.

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Slay On A Budget – Hair

I know, weaves are expensive.

Making your hair, treating it, it’s all expensive. 

Better weaves, making your hair, treatment, it’s more expensive.

Honestly, I’ve never been one for over-spending on things like hair, if it’s not necessary. I love expensive things, I will break the bank for a lot of things but hair is not one of them. Obviously, some things are expensive and I just have to deal but not every time, spend up to #10,000 on your hair.

For one, I feel super weird having someone else’s head of hair on my hair. No judgement to those who like it. That’s just me and my opinion, fam.

Or maybe it’s my acagonish spirit, as my sister would say. I will not spend a lot of money on weaves, like nahh. That’s not me. Who knows, may be that opinion would change someday. 

Basically, this is an intervention. It’s a fact, times are hard and the Nigerian economy is a little bit unstable. The bills aren’t rolling as they used to and its fine. Or like me, you don’t care much for expensive weaves or someone’s head of hair on your head.
I want to show you that you can be fleeky with way less. I’ll start with my current hair do.

Crochet Purple-ish Hair

I actually got the weaves for free but I asked the person that got them and she said it was about #1,000 for a pack. I used two packs.
The name is Essence Gold.

The irony of the weave is, when you see it, packed up and all new and stuff. It looks nothing like what I have on my head. It’s in pre-plaited twists so it’s supposed to be like Crochet twists or crochet braids. I was definitely not going to install it that way so I asked myself what I could do to get it popping.

Go Boho! 

I installed it for free. My elder sisters are talented at so many things and hair is one of them. Honestly, to cut down costs, you could install it yourself or ask a friend to do it for you. It doesn’t seem so hard.

What We Did – 

  • We unravelled the twists, to get the twists out effect.
  • We cut each twist out into two, making it shorter and the perfect bohemian, wavy curls.
  • After we installed it, we trimmed the edges and tada! That’s it.

I didn’t spend a dime on it but if you are buying it, you’ll spend nothing more than #2500 on the weaves, installation could be done on your own or by someone for some change.

The only downside to it is that it sheds at it’s edges, as a result of the cut edges and that sucks but it’s not terrible, it’s something that anyone can deal with. Yes, it will last. I have had mine on for a while and I cannot even begin to recount the number of compliments I get, from males and females alike, with some even asking if it’s my hair. So, it’s a great way to Slay On A Budget.