Story Time – My First Korean Drama

I guess the Korean movie craze started within my age group or generally, about three years ago. But, I never caught up with it. My best friend loves them, she used to tell me about Boys Over Flowers but I never watched it.

Fast-forward to 2016! I watched my first Korean series called The Heirs or The Inheritors. Between my splitting headache and eye issues, it was an okay watch. I enjoyed it, not because it was a great movie or it has a great story but I loved it because the actors are something else and Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang or something are goaaalsssss.

Yes, that boy from Boys Over Flowers, he played Kim Tan, he is quite worth the hype and his face is pretty. I think the most pleasing to the eyes was definitely Sunbae and Secretary Yoon’s son, they’re splitting the award. For girls, Rachael was cute but Cha Eun Sang was perfect. I thought Kim Tan’s real mum and Cha Eun Sang’s mum were beautiful.

You don’t understand, right? Me too 😂

Even though, I watched three long seasons in three difficult days, It was nice. I wouldn’t watch it again though. Each episode is so long. That was pain! And some parts were just unnecessary and annoying, cue Young Do. He’s not a fine boy, like no meen. And his character was horrible, no sugar coating, horrible. They should have at least made him cute to balance it but no, ugly gets ugly. To be honest, I think he’s cute in real life and that’s the look they were going for.

ps – I found out, he is really cute in real life after all.

Would I see another Korean movie?

I sincerely doubt it.


A Date With Reviews – Queen of Katwe

I initially thought Queen of Katwe was an anime. Silly me, right? Later, I got my sister to tell me a bit about it which from what she described was pretty nice but definitely not all that.

Side eye to La la Land. I certainly felt and still feel that was one overrated movie. No offence to Emma Stone and Ryan Gostling. But that’s a story for another day. 

Queen of Katwe follows the story of a young Ugandan girl who rises from the slums to a much better place with Chess as her armour. But success doesn’t come cheap. Or does it?

Queen of Katwe is underrated. 
So underrated that I think maybe it’s a racism thing. Jk. 

But really, its such a fantastic movie. Did you know it was based on a true life story? That’s remarkable. 

One thing that watching Queen Of Katwe taught me was definitely whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Maybe it’s chess, maybe it’s blogging, maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s even school. Put everything into something you love and the results would be mindblowing in the long run.

The acting was very spectacular. I might just have a new favourite actor. Shout out to David Oyelowo. You are a phenomenal actor. Lupita Nyong’o did well. A passive well but well nonetheless. Now, our main character, Madina Nalwagana who played Phiona. She’s a star. Very very great acting. Though she was a bit emotionless at times, when you expected her to be realistically filled with emotions. Perhaps that’s just the character.

My favourite character was hands-down Benjamin’s character. He was played beautifully and I want a friend like Benjamin. Omg! He’s just right, basically.

The story is really the most inspirational I’ve seen this year. I mean, it beat Hidden Figures in my hierarchy of such movies! 
I’m gobsmacked at how a story could literally be flawlessly executed. 

I’m so mad at how underrated it is. It’s so much better than 50% of Academy award nominated movies. It’s got great reviews though. Putting in 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s that good. But yet, it made only 10m on a 15m budget at the box office. Ahhh. I cringe. This movie should win all the awards at all the award ceremonies. It really should. 
You should see Queen of Katwe. It’s that great. 
I’m rating it a solid A+ 

Ps – I might review Southside With You featuring Tika Sumpter. I’m most likely not going to. I think my love for the former first family clouded my judgement.

A Date With Reviews – Beauty And The Beast 

I usually put A Date With Reviews only but I love Beauty And The Beast too much to do it the regular way. I saw this movie, sometime last month, in a cinema.

It was beautiful. I loved every single piece of action and the story, it made me feel as though I had never really encountered Beauty And The Beast before. Like screw you, all you poorly written animes and ill-told motion pictures I’ve watched in my life!

And it was a musical! Now, y’all know I’m a huge sucker for musicals. I got my huge Gleek award to show for it. 

Emma Watson is a beautiful actress. Okay, before you roll your eyes at me and say, duhh. I never watched Harry Potter, I read the books instead. That aside, she is a phenomenal actress. I’ve never seen her act before and when I finally did, it was like, where have you been all my life, Emma?

The songs were amazing. My favourite was and is obviously Beauty And The Beast. Did you know that it was sung by John Legend and Ariana Grande? I literally screamed when I found out. Now y’all know John Legend is like chocolate cake to me. Second favourite was ‘Be Our Guest’. 

The acting, in general was very phenomenal. The chemistry among the actors was everything and you know what I say about chemistry. It’s very important. The Beast guy was very impressive, just the right amount of angst, romance, fairytale and to be honest, he looked way better than I imagined the Beast would look. Did you know that he had to dance on stilts? That’s crazy and very professional. The characters were truly phenomenal.

The number of times I covered my eyes or got scared though. Quite a lot but if you’ve seen my reviews of Central Intelligence, Suicide Squad, When The Bough Breaks etc, you would know I take all the awards home for ‘always scared during a movie, even if it’s not that scary’.

The set was incredible. I would give anything to just explore the set and the location. It looked breathtaking during the movie and I’m sure, it’s even more in person. The costumes were a solid A, even though, I’m not sure if I essentially liked Belle’s yellow dress but that’s aside.

Before I digress and spill all the juice in this. You need to watch Beauty And The Beast before it leaves the cinemas. No, it’s not babyish, childish, too mush or whatever. It’s essentially perfect. 

And as a bonus that I know you will enjoy! Watch the song’s video – Beauty And The Beast Song by John Legend and Ariana Grande on DisneyVEVO’s YouTube. 

You’ll feel all types of good giddy, it’s a guarantee!

Photo credit – Google Images 

A Date With Reviews 

Why Him? 
James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Duetch


2016 Movie 

After I got the tickets for this movie, as I was sitting and watching movie trailers at the cinema reception, I changed my mind. I wanted to see Passengers instead but I held on. After the movie, I am so glad I saw this one!

May I just say, firstly that James Franco may be crazy but he’s crazy cute! I loved the cast and characters, My favourite was Scotty all the way! There was visible, working chemistry among them all. There were no parts where they fell out of touch or out of sync and that’s rare. It’s a good thing.

From the beginning till the end, it was the bomb dot com! 

May I continue by saying however, that the story itself was a clichĂ©, boy is crazy rich, says a lot of obscene things, every father’s nightmare but girl is clearly smitten, father doesn’t feel so. Later, boy makes everyone except father love him. Father takes a while to love him but he eventually does.

The height of cliché was when they, Laird and her father decided to have some sort of deal. Ha ha. Even with all of that, obviously there was something about it that made it so different. I thought it would be a lame movie at first but it turned out well. The picture was great, being that it was a cinema movie, I guess it had to be great.

Would I see it again?

I doubt it.

Once is more than enough.

I’m rating it 5/10.

Go watch the movie and answer this question.

Could you be with Laird? Or would you let your kid be with Laird?

A Date With Reviews

When The Bough Breaks,

2016 Movie,

Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall, Jaz Sinclair, Theo Rossi, Romany Malco…

A movie about love, lust, dangerous obsession and yes, a psycho. John and Laura Taylor are a weathy black couple who have been together for years. They have everything they need, except a child. Laura can’t carry her own children. So, they try surrogacy. Sweet, charming, innocent Anna Walsh was just the right fit. Or so they thought.

This is one movie that I was speechless almost throughout my watching it. It had everything. It made me laugh, almost cry, close my eyes ’cause things got very creepy at some certain points, it made me reason, imagine and think. It also made me love love, once again.
Now, why should you watch When The Bough Breaks before it leaves the cinemas soon? 

The acting was on point. I loved Morris Chestnut especially, he was such a great actor. Regina Hall did exceptionally well, it was different for her because she usually does unserious roles, anybody remember The Bestman / Bestman Holiday but she executed this flawlessly. Jaz Sinclair was perfection. Trust me, I do not like her role, at all but she acted the psycho so well, it’s going to be real hard for me to believe that she’s actually not a psycho.

I loved the writing. It was a great story. It was so predictable though. Honestly, I knew she was a psycho from the moment I saw her. She screamed too good to be true! She looked too innocent too. But well…

I love the story, I really do but it’s a little bit clichĂ©. A little bit corny too. But it was real. Now what is life if it’s not a little bit scary, corny, cheesy and very clichĂš?

I loved the little things in the movie the best. Like how Regina Hall actually believed him when he told her he wasn’t cheating on her. That was big trust. How the love was so strong. It’s a movie but it sure represents something. 

That no matter what happens. 

There’s hope! 

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Why I Love Sam Claflin So Much

Raise your hand up if you’ve seen Me Before You. 🙋🙋🙋

If you haven’t, you have to.

I like movies but I’m not really into a lot of action so I never really noticed Tom Claflin in Hunger Games or Snowwhite and the huntsman. Yesterday, I watched Me Before You. Oh my God, he fine! Dammmnn!  

Btw, get ready for a major review on Me Before You and Perfect Match this weekend. 

I think I’m obsessed. 

Why do I love Sam Claflin So much? 

  • His performance in Me Before You was absolutely breathtaking. It was amazing. Absolutely flawless. He’s a really great actor, I don’t see why he couldn’t be the next James Bond or something. I need to see him doing big, big roles soon. 
  • His face is just everything you want in a guy. He’s not handsome, he is beautiful. The way he makes that cheeky grin that makes my heart melt into a thousand pools of goopy mush. I cant even to explain how beautiful he is.
  • He doesn’t know it! What is cuter than a guy who doesn’t know he’s so breathtaking? Nothing. Like, I’m sure he knows he’s stunning but he doesn’t go about shouting ‘Omg, I’m stunning’. That even makes him more stunning! 
  • His British accent is to die for. The way he kept saying ‘Closer, closer, come closer’ to Louisa with that raspy, dangerous voice. Omg! *Screams* 
  • He’s just a goof ball. Have you seen his Instagram? @mrsamclaflin Omg. He’s the weirdest, sweetest, nerdiest guy ever. His insta is practically filled with pictures of his family and him doing really stupid stuff. I love that he’s so weird and he’s not ashamed of that. 
  • He’s educated, formally. Education is super important. He’s educated to the fullest. He graduated high school, went to college and drama school. A prestigious drama school in London. He really knows his stuff, huh?
  • He’s married with a kid. Yass he’s taken, people. I was so sad when I saw this but not anymore. I’m actually glad that he’s settled down and all. It shows how responsible he is. That’s just amazing. His wife is an actress too, Laura Haddock. Have you seen the way he looks at wifey? #Goals! That’s the way I want somebody to look at me someday, even better. I’m having too many feelings at once right now but they’re all great.

    So boys, go watch Me Before You but not without a notepad and a pen. There’s so much to learn from William Traynor/Sam Claflin. He’s not perfect duhh but I’m still in awe of how amazing he is, in the movie and in person. 

    Sam Claflin though.

    Photo credits – Instagram : @mrsamclaflin @mebeforeyouofficial

    A Date With Reviews

    Suicide Squad 

    2016 Movie


    One word, actually two words. Incredible bs! My watching this movie was very unplanned but I had seen critic reviews and ratings were horrible. However, the real people, the fans loved the movie. So, I had a fifty-fifty thing in mind. It could be horrible, it could be amazing. Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Honestly, it was okay. Was it overrated? Maybe just a little. Underated? Just a little. It was lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. Incredible bs!

    The beginning was pretty okay. Same old, same old. The black lady’s got balls though. Big ones! I’m a scared cat so I watched a lot of the first scenes through peep holes in my hands. Boy! It was terrifying. The Joker was absolutely crazy and Harley Quinn… Lord have mercy! There was a point where I was more irritated than scared, cue the Joker.

    I liked the idea of the movie but it looks like something I’ve seen before. Same old, same old. According to someone, Batman vs Superman was way better and trust me, I’ve seen better movies than that. 

    I think my favourite person in the movie was the serial killer. Will Smith’s character, Deadshot. He was witty, funny, annoying, just the right amount of hard-core yet soft inside. How sweet! My worst is obviously the Joker. He irritated me more than he fascinated me.

    The acting was great. I especially commend Cara Delevingne’s acting. I hope that’s the spelling because network is shitty and I can’t google. I was blown away. She really brought the Enchantress/Dr June Moone to life. The ballsy black woman was great too. I honestly thought she was going to turn evil. *In the croc man’s voice* I like her! 

    Not forgetting ballsy lover man soldier boy, Rick Flag. I’m sorry, I can’t remember all their names. My forthcoming assessment is messing with my head. But, damn! That’s some tough love. He loved her knowing what she was. Absolutely incredible. If it was you, would you still love her? Harley Quinn deserves a mention too. So silly and crazy, she said the dumbest things yet she owned it. 

    The plot was okay. There was not a lot of suspense. Things happened fast without a lot of build-up. Nothing really caught you unaware. Absolutely little surprise element. Dialogue was okay. They didn’t sound like they were reading poems but at the same time, it wasn’t you know. I love the characterization though. L.O.V.E! 

    I think you should watch Suicide Squad. Not because you want to watch a great movie. Trust me, it’s not that great but it’s not horrible either. It’s just really fascinating and has its perks. The perks are really perky lol. Doesn’t have that wow effect I love in movies but it’s not a bad watch.

    Just watch it.

    Oh, I think they will make a sequel.

    Fingers crossed. 

    Oh, and yes. There is a mid-credits scene. So don’t be quick to leave the theatre when the credits start rolling. 

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