E. OF C.

This is silly,

But silly is great, sometimes.

You don’t seem to know you,

But let’s be real, 

Deep down, you know you.

It’s been great,

Lighting up like a Christmas tree,

Grinning like a Cheshire grand cat,


The walks we took,

Dances we had and jokes we shared,

Inside of my head.

It’s been bloody fantastic.

Day dreams and fantasies,

Dates and surprises,


Gleeful wishes,

Far from reality.

I’m done.

With day dreams and fantasies,

Far from realities and gleeful wishes,

Unreciprocated feelings and imaginations.

I’m done.



Neighbours of Summer 

Summer and spring,

Summer and fall,

Summer and winter, 

Solstice and equinox.

Like leaves branched together,

With shared secrets,

Known and unknown,

Incidentally and accidentally.

Spring is the nice one,

Everyone’s friend,

She gives smiles as gifts,

To warm up your day.

The little ones are her favourite,

She loves to watch them grow,

Blooming with good cheer,

The host of rebirth and new growth.

Fall is the beautiful one,

His grey hair,

Overshadowing his brown skin,

You never know with this one.

He’s soft at times,

Hard at other times,

Whistling at his lips,

The soft tunes of harvest.

Winter is the elegant one,

With conniving patience,

She strikes,

A queen in her kingdom.

Her strength lies unparallel,

Her charms convincing,

Burrowing deep into hearts,

She icily dominates.


Rainbow of many hues,

She binds them all together,

Solstice and equinox.

Summer and spring,

Summer and fall,

Summer and winter,

Neighbours of summer.

Photo credits – Samsung Electronics 

Ordinary Extraordinary 


Beautiful yet cautious,

Like stars in a night sky,

There’s nothing more extraordinary.

Really unspecial,

It seems,

Like pitches of sand,

Nothing more ordinary.

In his image,

In his likeness,

Is it ordinary?

Are we extraordinary?

Crafted with dexterity,

He created,

Each one for a purpose,

Ordinary yet extraordinary.